See the Rejected SodaStream SuperBowl Ad, and Its Replacement

The SodaStream revolution will not be televised. Well, at least not the way its creators originally intended.

After Common, the agency run by ex CP+B creative chief Alex Bogusky turned in its initial Super Bowl ad for SodaStream, it was rejected by the networks. The ad touted how environmentally friendly the product is, as compared to the major soft drink manufacturers who run through plenty of plastic packaging each day. The only problem was that the ad featured unflattering appearances from the two actual major soda companies–both of whom are also advertising in the Super Bowl.

The new spot has a similar message; it also shows the bottle-busting results of using the at-home soda maker SodaStream. There’s a big difference in the new ad, though. Aside from focusing more on the end-user, rather than the competition, the new ad subs in generic-looking fictional brands, rather than Coke and Pepsi. Some of the talk value, but little of the message was diluted in the process of subbing in a replacement ad.

Watch the full, rejected spot below.