A Side-By-Side Comparison Of Your Super Bowl And Puppy Bowl Starting Lineups

On Sunday, February 3, all hell will break loose. A group of warriors will engage in a fierce contest of strength to determine who among the assembled is the very best there is. Millions will watch, admiring the brinkmanship, the balletic grace, and the shiny, shiny coats. The Super Bowl will also be on.

That’s right, the day isn’t totally about Puppy Bowl IX. That event–which pits teams of puppies against each other, mimicking football gameplay while promoting adoption from animal shelters–actually takes place during halftime of what some are calling the more important competition of the day: Super Bowl XLVII. However, looking at the starting lineups of the two events, it’s hard not to wonder how each integral member of each team stacks up against his interspecies counterpart.

Flacco vs. Agatha

Is Joe Flacco better at throwing a buttonhook pattern with a nickel defense than Agatha the miniature Pinscher is at being a puppy? There’s no way of knowing for sure. In the interest of sports science and all things adorable, though, Co.Create has taken a deep dive into the world of these wet-nosed competitors–all accomplished in their own right–to determine whether they are evenly matched.

Have a look through the slide show above and may the best, uh, man win.

[Player Images: AP/NFL Puppy Images: Animal Planet/Keith Barraclough | DCL]CCS