The Flaming Lips Appear In Hyundai Super Bowl Spot, “Epic Play Date”

Not only do avant garde rockers The Flaming Lips star in Hyundai’s Super Bowl spot, they even recorded and contributed an original song for it.

“Sun Blows Up Today” is the typically out-there name of the new song, a giddy pop number which is more restrained than much of their previous work. The track plays over a scenario in which the band shows up, wholly unexplained, at a family’s breakfast table, just in time to embark on an epic Bueller-esque day off. Created by agency Innocean, the ad sees this crew embark on shenanigans which include a zoo frolic, a spin in the Lips’ famous giant hamster ball, and video game laser warfare but in real life.

Additionally, as part of the team-up between Hyundai and the band, the first 100,000 fans who wander over to the Hyundai website can download the track for free. Hyundai will also promote The Flaming Lips’ upcoming album The Terror with short radio spots. Watch the ad in full below.