Century 21 Thaws Groom’s Cold Feet in Super Bowl Spot

In one of four Century 21 game day ads, the prospect of living with his soon-to-be-wife’s family sends a man into shock. Good thing a real estate agent is standing by.

Century 21 is loaded for bear this year, with as many game day ads as there are quarters in the Super Bowl. While only one of the four spots will actually air during the game itself (at some point in the third quarter), the real estate agency’s various ads will air nine times throughout the day’s coverage.


Last year, the company made its Super Bowl debut with a spot featuring Donald Trump and Apolo Ohno, playing up the company’s “Smarter. Bolder. Faster” tagline. The thrust of this year’s campaign is the Century 21 agent’s ability to help people who are facing some of the biggest milestones of their lives. These occasions include having a baby, seeing that baby eventually go to college, winning the lottery, and of course, the big one, getting married. Created by agency Red Tettemer + Partners the wedding ad, which is the one that will during the game, features a groom getting cold feet–that is until a Century 21 agent rescues him from the prospect of living with the bride’s parents.

Now if only winning the lottery were as likely a milestone as getting married…

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