Read The Darkest Confessions Of Anonymous Creatives

Clearly, people who work in advertising are not normal. In fact, some of them swear that their jobs are akin to being part of a human centipede. Considering the particular trials and travails of the average creative professional, it makes sense that he or she might want a safe space in which to vent. Now there is one.

The Creative Confessional is a website that posts anonymous sordid admissions from those working in the trenches. Creative professionals from all over can confess something terrible that they did, or vent their disgust with the industry as a whole, and let the site’s readership determine whether the complaints are valid. Beneath each confessional, readers can vote on whether to absolve or condemn the person who posted it.

The list of offenses on the site runs the gamut from creative accounting practices, to disenchantment with certain products (“blue mountains on beer cans don’t do shit”), to accepted drug use, and worse. It’s enough to make Confession Bear go back into hibernation.

Look through the slide show above for some of the juiciest confessions on the site.

[Confessional Image: Eric Fahrner via Shutterstock]JB