• 01.22.13

A Big Booking Campaign Breaks in the U.S. For

A new brand campaign emphasizes the importance of getting booking right when it comes to your holiday accommodations.

A Big Booking Campaign Breaks in the U.S. For

Leading online accommodations site is breaking a major new brand campaign aimed at making a big booking splash in the U.S.


The new campaign, from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, is based around the premise of “the delight of right”–the feelings of intense well-being that result from booking just the right accommodations for your precious holiday time.

A 60-second launch spot features an assortment of travelers–a family of five, a couple, a group of women–all arriving at their holiday destination, weary from their journey and anxious about what awaits them on the other side of the hotel room door. When the room turns out to be a winner, there is much celebration, and a voice declares, “You got it right. You got it booking right.” The spot wraps with “ Booking.yeah.”

It’s that use of the brand name as a kind of expletive of victory that lend the campaign a memorable edge, something that Booking CMO Paul Hennessy says was exactly what the brand was looking for. Hennessy says that the travel category has tended toward a commoditized, homogenized, price-centric approach, and the brand wanted a campaign “that had a voice and drew some lines in the sand,” he says.

The new ad effort was created to raise the U.S. profile of, which is headquartered in Amsterdam and has offices around the world. And the campaign’s “delight of right” message is designed to appeal to famously over-worked, under-vacationed Americans–with such a limited amount of time off, the pressure is all the greater to execute the perfect travel experience and so is the relief when accommodations deliver, says W+K executive creative director Mark Bernath. “The release of that pressure is great,” says Bernath, “and it affects the rest of the vacation.”

And, of course, the chances of getting it right are greater when organizing accommodations through The company, which calls itself planet Earth’s number 1 accommodations site, offers over 260,000 properties of every type in 178 countries. Hennessy says the brand distinguishes itself on that basis–the sum of properties and the ease of finding them–and by having a consumer-friendly model–customers don’t have to pay up front, there’s flexibility for date changes, and the company boasts 24/7 customer service in 41 languages.

So Bernath says W+K was looking to focus on the brand’s service, and to keep it simple. “You can try and come up with a lot of clever metaphors but sometimes just showing that family coming down the hall says it all. We boiled it down to simple moments.” And what brand wouldn’t want a campaign that repeats its name over and over again in the course of 60 seconds?

The campaign will kick off with the launch spot and a series of additional ads that will focus on each individual group of travelers. The spots, directed by Traktor and launching on TV, in theaters, and online, kick off an integrated marketing initiative that will roll out in the coming weeks.

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