• 01.16.13

IPG Media Lab Partners With Mobile Rewards Company Kiip

The media giant deepens its relationship with the mobile rewards network.

IPG Media Lab Partners With Mobile Rewards Company Kiip

IPG Media Lab has announced a strategic partnership with Kiip, the mobile rewards company that works with developers and brands to bring app users tangible rewards for their in-app achievements, such as unlocking a new level of a game.


The newly forged partnership complements an investment IPG made in Kiip back in July, when the company raised $11 million.

Though the two-year-old Kiip is young, much like its 21-year-old founder Brian Wong, a partnership with the company makes a lot of sense for Media Lab, which works with marketers to determine tech solutions to marketing challenges in areas such as mobile, or retail innovation.

This isn’t a proprietary investment, but rather a way for Media Lab to link with a company doing something unique in the mobile space because “we know that’s where the attention is going,” Media Lab’s managing partner Chad Stoller tells Co.Create.

Kiip’s other customers, including WPP’s Group M, Starcom, and Publicis’ Digitas, have also taken note.

“They’re taking peoples’ rewards and turning them into an advertising technique,” Stoller says. “There’s a tremendous amount of data they’re using every day. How that data can be used in the future is something we think is very interesting.”

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