Nadav Kander’s Nudes Challenge Our Perception Of Beautiful Bodies

The human body is a wonder of diversity. You wouldn’t know it from perusing your local magazine rack, though. In his latest exhibition, Nadav Kander offers a new view of the nude that’s at once classic and contemporary and one that also offers a corrective to the tyranny of airbrushing in popular media.

“Bodies – 6 Women, 1 Man” opened in London last week at the Flowers Gallery, offering visitors a veritable feast of the flesh. Rather than utilize the visual auto-tuning that is fast becoming a society standard–one in which female celebrities are sometimes called “brave” for posing sans makeup–these images emphasize the natural idiosyncrasies of the human form.

All the models involved are covered in white marble dust and shot against a black background. Since the models are all ginger-haired, their skin is fair already–with the dust and contrasting background thrown in, they look alabaster. There is nothing to distract from their raw, corporeal form–except that the models’ faces are almost always obscured. Human contours (and bulges) are presented in a distinctly natural way that feels more truthful than the images we are often saturated with in magazines and on billboards.

The show will run through February 9th, and a book is set to follow.JB