• 01.14.13

Diesel Tells You How Many Days Are Left In Your Life

The brand expands on its “Time to Be Brave” philosophy by calculating roughly how much time each of its fans has in which to be brave.

If you knew the extent of your projected longevity, it would probably change the way you lived your life. In the brand’s latest campaign, Diesel is counting on it.


Building on its “Time to Be Brave” marketing framework, Diesel is urging its fans to be more conscientious about that time in which to be brave with its Days to Live website. Created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the HTML5-powered site shows off the appropriately named line of watches (Diesel Time Frames) over the course of a questionnaire that determines your death date through lifestyle questions.

Users must log in to Facebook to begin the questionnaire, which asks some frank questions about everything from eating habits and drug use to age of virginity loss. (Don’t worry, though: The virginity answer will not end up posted to your Facebook page.) Over the course of answering the questions, Diesel’s watches and other wares splash across the frame in a variety of ways that vaguely correspond to the subject of each question. Eventually, the website calculates the amount of time you have left on the planet. Whether you use it wisely or not is up to you.

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