Can An App Potty Train Your Child?

Remember how, way back in the day, we would teach our toddlers how to go potty using strategic songs from Sesame Street? Well, that’s 20th-century thinking. In 2013, though, apparently we are flush with other possibilities.

Kimberly-Clark’s Pull-Ups recently launched an interactive potty training tool on Android and iOS devices that goes a step further than Elmo and the gang once did in training toddlers about, um, making. Developed by agency Organic, the free app uses games and 3-D technology, to not only teach these special skills, but also rewards them for demonstrating the new knowledge as cleanly as can be.

Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Buzz Lightyear show up in the app when parents scan special markers on packages of Pull-Ups Training Pants. In addition to games and rewards, the app also offers a customizable Potty Timer with sound alerts that remind the young trainee when it’s time to go. Unofficially, the app is also solid training for all the Words With Friends these kids are going to eventually play on the potty when they grow up.

It’s the perfect companion piece to the iPotty, recently shown at CES–an actual potty with an iPad attachment, because what a great idea to train your kid to spend the equivalent of an episode of his favorite show pooping (and to forever associate that show with evacuation).

[Potty Image: Auremar via Shutterstock]JB