A New Campaign Busts Latino Stereotypes

A new campaign for image site Latinstock plays out like the obverse of Jeff Foxworthy’s famous “You Might Be a Redneck” shtick; instead of glorifying Latino stereotypes, it explodes them.

Latinstock manages the production and distribution of image content in nine countries of Latin America and in Spain and as such, the organization has a surplus of images of Latino people doing everyday stuff.

Created by Y&R, Quito, Ecuador, a new print campaign showcases the company’s image offerings while pointing a spotlight at stereotypes associated with the people in the images. Each execution features a small image in the bottom left-hand corner of a Latino performing an innocuous task, such as watering a plant. The rest of the space is devoted to text that points out how a “white man” doing such might be mistaken for an ecologist while a Latino might be mistaken for a pot dealer. A tag line promises: “We have a better image for Latin people.”

See the other stereotypes depicted in the slide show above.JB