Downton Abbey Has Gone To The Dogs (And Cats)

If you tuned in to the season 3 premiere of Downton Abbey last night, you were far from alone. The broadcast had over 7.9 million viewers, handily besting the season 2 premiere.

Now imagine the show, about the inner workings an aristocratic family and also the help, if it starred dogs and cats! Kim Parkhurst, who runs the Toadbriar shop on Etsy, has begun selling prints of characters from the show rendered as felines and canines. Ever wonder what Mrs. Patmore would look like as a Persian? Wonder no more. Have you pictured Bates as a Pitbull? Your wish is granted. Unfortunately, Shirley Maclaine’s character Martha Levinson only too recently entered the fray and has not been accounted for in pet-form.

Have a look through the other Downton residents in the slide show above.