Ranking Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” Finalists

Doritos’ seventh annual Crash the Super Bowl contest is upon us. Here are the five finalists, and what they each bring to the table.

Once again, Doritos is crowdsourcing perhaps the biggest advertising opportunity of the year with its annual Crash the Super Bowl contest. The five finalists for this year’s edition have just been released.


Doritos’ groundbreaking contest asks aspiring filmmakers to send in their best 30-second ads, with five finalists chosen to air during the big game. Voting on Facebook determines one grand prize winner, who will potentially net up to a million dollars, contingent on how well the ad does. Occasionally, though, some of these ads end up becoming more popular than everything else at the Super Bowl, which includes material that’s been meticulously fussed over by the best in the business.

Now that this year’s finalists are in, we can take a guess at which ones might be destined for game day glory. Before you read any further, be sure and watch the ads above if you don’t want the surprise ruined.

5) Express Checkout
This ad, in which a man of limited imagination tries to steal a blind man’s Doritos (in a grocery store, paradoxically), is basically an ad for the enduring power of comeuppance via a nut shot.

4) Road Chip
Toddlers and dogs are advertising gold; perhaps even more so when pitted against each other as adversaries. Still, it’s kind of hard to side with someone tricking a dog to jump out of a moving vehicle, adorable or otherwise. Expect complaints from pet (and ad) lovers.

3) Fetch
Ah, the warning note: always a great start for an ad such as this. In this instance, a dogsitting man is instructed not to play fetch with his ward, only to learn that the dog in question is basically magic and will bring anything he asks. The amusing outcome, though, depends heavily on a young man describing a woman as “bare naked,” first and foremost, which is a bit of a stretch.

2) Fashionista Daddy
“Go Neal!”


1) Goats 4 Sale
This funny and slightly sinister ad is the clear winner. A goat that eats Doritos is the absolute epitome of some random idiosyncratic pet that seems awesome at first, but quickly reveals itself as a huge mistake. A reworking of a classic trope (made famous in Looney Tunes’ “Singing Frog” episode and used to great effect in the Skittles “Rabbit” spot), this ad squeezes a lot of narrative into its 30-second runtime, yet it doesn’t feel overstuffed. And there’s even a great use of foreshadowing in the opening (the goat’s initial seller is wearing a neck brace), which bodes well for repeat viewings.

Sound off on which one you prefer in the comments below.