When High Fashion Meets…Pokémon

The tagline for Pokémon was once “Gotta Catch ‘Em All,” which is a sentiment that most aspiring fashionistas can probably relate to. In any case, the two worlds have been finding some common ground lately on a new Tumblr that delivers exactly what its title promises: Pokémon & Fashion.

Although perhaps most popular in America in the late 1990s, the Japanese “pocket monsters” that make up a media empire stretching across video games, TV shows, trading cards, and movies have continued to thrive all these years later. The Pokémon & Fashion Tumblr, created by Canadian artist and Zara employee Francis Phommisai, features your typical decadently bored models lounging in luxurious settings (or the great outdoors), with some supplemental pocket monsters thrown in for good measure.

The jaded expression on the face of a traffic-stopping beauty sunk deep into the couch of some high-end hotel room in Milan doesn’t look any less glamorous when Pikachu is made to hang out beside her; but it is more interesting.

Have a look through some more Pokémon & Fashion images in the slide show above.