See Stars Who “Demand a Plan” to End Gun Violence Shoot People in Movies

The horrific shootings in Newtown, CT last December shocked a country that seems to have grown increasingly un-shockable. Whereas at one point, any shooting in any public facility would be cause for some deep, collective soul-searching and hand-wringing, it was only after a school shooting in which most of the victims were small children that the level of anger and disgust boiling in America didn’t level off after just a few days. People are still angry about gun control. That anger has resulted in some well-intentioned initiatives to spur government action on the issue–like the recent “Demand A Plan” video that featured a who’s who of celebrity talent appealing to the public. However, as at least one person has recently pointed out, those same celebrities are participants in one aspect of our culture of violence.

Although Co.Create can’t vouch for the views of the lasciviously monikered YouTuber MIke Hunt, his video does make a point. In the days after the Sandy Hook shooting last month, the “Demand A Plan” video appeared, featuring stars like Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Renner, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, and Beyonce demanding a plan to rid America of its problem with gun violence. The new video, “Demand Celebrities Go ….. ” points out that there is a certain hypocritical element in seeing the stars of shoot-’em-up thrillers that seem to celebrate gun violence elsewhere decry it in a PSA.

In Hunt’s recut version of the video, each celebrity appearance is followed by any available clips of that star perpetuating, or playing victim of, onscreen gun violence.

Watch the original Demand a Plan video below.