Trying to Quit Smoking? Let These Custom Robots Do The Smoking For You

Bryan Bruner started a popular blog dedicated to drawing robots when he was trying to get over a painful breakup with his then-girlfriend. Now he’s drawing some bonus robots to get over another kind of painful breakup–with nicotine.

The Astoria, Queens-based artist has been smoking cigarettes since he was 17 years old. Now, at age 36, he’s teamed up with to kick the habit and inspire others along the way. As of January 2nd, Bruner snubbed out his last stogie, and for the following 10 days, he is drawing smoking robot portraits of any fans who are also struggling with quitting cigarettes.

In the same way that the contradiction of drawing emotive robots helped Bruner triumph over post-breakup anxiety, he and are hoping it will also help others through their withdrawal jitters. Any soon-to-be ex-smokers who post pictures of themselves on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #smokingrobots are eligible to receive a custom robo-clone. The robot version will continue smoking cigarettes in perpetuity while its real-life counterpart white-knuckles it into clean lung territory.

Have a look through some of the supplementary smoking robot drawings Bruner created for in the slide show above, or read the whole webcomic on their website here.