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Feast Your Eyes on This Unofficial “Walking Dead” Christmas Special

Have yourself a dirty, zombie-filled Christmas, with no cranberry sauce.

Glenn, Carl, Maggie, and the rest of the gang from AMC’s The Walking Dead are coming home for the holidays. Well, not the home they once knew before the zombie apocalypse wrought hell on Earth, but to your home. Kind of.

Created by Jason Inman of production house Jawiin, the new Walking Dead Christmas Special video is a trailer spoofing the splatter-heavy show’s hypothetical attempt at carrying on the familiar Christmas traditions in zombietown. Fans of the show will appreciate the reinterpretations of its big scenes (witness Rick completely lose it at the prospect of no cranberry sauce).

Bonus: Even in a spoof, it’s still kind of a thrill to see crossover magic happen when Breaking Bad‘s Jesse encounters bloodthirsty zombies.

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