• 12.21.12

Creators We Love: The 13 People Who Made The World More Creative in 2012

From entertainment titans to independent collectives, from journalists-turned-filmmakers to multi-talented multi-hypenates, these are the creators that destroyed creative boundaries (and had the best stories to tell).

This holiday season is reason enough in itself for celebration but it also marks Co.Create’s one-year anniversary.


Over the past year, we’ve talked to a mind-expanding array of creative people–from feature film directors, TV showrunners, writers and editors to ad creatives, strategists, artists, CMOs, CEOs, photographers, illustrators, tech developers, and many more people who can’t be categorized. They shared the secrets to their creativity and the stories behind their work. They helped us demonstrate how creative borders are disappearing and how creative minds are working across disciplines that were off limits or didn’t exist a few years ago. But mostly, they just had great ideas that they made happen in really excellent ways.

Here, a small sampling of the creators whose stories and methods and quotes most stuck with us.

About the author

Teressa Iezzi is the editor of Co.Create. She was previously the editor of Advertising Age’s Creativity, covering all things creative in the brand world.