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Shake Things Up for Kids’ Charity With Bespoke 3-D Printed Snow Globes

Agency BBH raises money for kids’ charity Barnardo’s with a new website, and 3-D printed snow globes that look like each donor’s house.

Shake Things Up for Kids’ Charity With Bespoke 3-D Printed Snow Globes

Although it may get a little awkward at times, there’s something profoundly comforting about being back home for the holidays. While it’s impossible to return to childhood, going back home recreates the conditions that made that time what it was, which is the next best thing. Unfortunately, there are many children whose present does not include a home and whose reflections on childhood may not be as rosy.

In an effort to help some of those kids out, agency BBH London has just launched an innovative effort to raise money for children’s charity, Barnardo’s. It begins with a website called Home for Christmas, which solicits donations. The real draw for donors, however, aside from knowing that they’ve done a good deed, is the potential for seriously cool swag.

Each day, a donor is selected at random to receive a 3-D printed snow globe–modeled after the donor’s personal address. It’s the perfect token to remind the lucky winner of the comforts of home, and the reason they felt compelled to help those in need of one in the first place. Watch a video about BBH’s campaign below.

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