• 01.02.13

Essential Creative Advice From Joss Whedon, Carrie Brownstein, Jim Stengel And 13 Others

To kick off a creative 2013, a veritable buffet of top-shelf advice from some of Co.Create’s killer interviews, including timely tips from Joss Whedon, Steven Soderbergh and more.

What can Joss Whedon or Steven Soderbergh teach you if you don’t make movies or you aren’t a TV show creator? You might be surprised.


Over the past year, Co.Create has talked to some of the most prolific creative people around–directors, ad makers, CEOs, content creators of all stripes. Their insight on their own creative process is always interesting, but their words of wisdom are also remarkable for how applicable they are across disciplines.

A core part of our mandate has been to bring together a range of creative voices from across industries, the idea being that creativity is everyone’s business. And we’ve been consistently fascinated by just how translatable these voices are across creative boundaries.

Anyone who read all of these interviews certainly learned something about creating a web series or telling a story or building a brand, but these discussions with creative leaders also yielded, we think, some useful insight into being creative in whatever realm you work in.

We’ve combed through some of this year’s most interesting interviews and cherry-picked some of the essential advice that’s applicable whatever your creative calling.

Click through the slide show for the very best quick-hit advice we procured in 2012.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. His next book, Away with Words, is available June 13th from Harper Perennial.