• 12.27.12

The 15 Best Music Videos of 2012

In a year filled with interactive adventures, surrealist fantasies and, of course, gallop-dancing in white suits, here are 2012’s most striking music videos.

MTV may have quit airing music videos a while back to focus on teenage pregnancy shows exclusively, but the move was hardly a death knell for the art form. In the age of YouTube, a wellspring of unfettered, unfiltered creativity has risen up through the efforts of musicians and filmmakers, who now have a direct connection to audiences. That raging drive to go as far out as possible, and take the audience along for the ride, remained alive and well in 2012.


This past year saw more and better interactive videos than ever before, as technology continues to catch up with our collective imagination. A volatile undercurrent of rancor ran through many videos, mirroring America’s angry political climate in the months preceding the presidential election. Also, there was a lot of messing around with gender roles. And even though we may never have the experience of all catching the same videos at the same time on MTV, it’s comforting to know that every person you’ve ever met has seen and possibly line-danced to “Gangnam Style.”

Have a look through Co.Create’s picks for the 15 best music videos of the year above.

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