Operation Bethlehem Lights the Way Home For Guerilla Fighters

Guerrilla fighters situated in Colombia may be tempted to demobilize and go home to their families this holiday season. At least that’s what one ad agency is hoping to help accomplish.

Colombia-based Lowe SSP3 is mounting another Christmas-centered campaign this December, following the previous two years’ successful efforts. The agency has had an ongoing relationship with the Colombian government for years, which has manifested in some creative ways to convince the deeply hidden FARC guerilla soldiers to defect. While last year’s Cannes-conquering efforts took the form of a river of lights bearing homebound pleas, this time around, the agency created beacons of hope (and also light.)

The team at Lowe learned from military intelligence that the fighters were being flung around to disparate areas in order to discourage desertion. This way, it would be much more difficult to turn themselves in, if they decided to do so. In response, the agency doubled down on last year’s lighting efforts with “Operation Bethlehem.” was born.

Beginning December 17th, beacons of light will serve as sirens in five strategic locations, guiding the guerrillas toward a safe destination. In order to encourage them along the path, military helicopters dropped lights from the sky that would more or less turn the trees along the way into chandeliers. Glow-in-the-dark billboards were also placed along the river, letting the guerillas know to follow the light.

Watch the previous efforts from the campaign below.
River of Lights