Google Says 2012 Was All About Felix Baumgartner Heading In One Direction

Google released its annual year in review package on December 11, which includes the above video and a list of the most-searched terms. Clearly, there must have been a mistake, however, because last year’s most popular term, Rebecca Black, is nowhere on the list.

The new video divides the year’s talking points into subcategories of what people searched for. One of these, curiosity, can even be taken both figuratively and literally, considering the Curiosity rover’s late-summer mission to Mars. But perhaps even more curious than the rover, which cannot think for itself or chicken out, is Felix Baumgartner, the man who fell from space. His death-defying drop with the Red Bull Stratos stunt book ends the video. Also accounted for, of course, are Olympians, Obama, the austerity protests in Greece, the Higgs-Bosom discovery, and the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Oh yeah, and also Psy, whose “Gangnam Style” popularity seems to have risen to Baumgartnerian levels beyond the stratosphere.

Aside from the video, Google’s year-end wrap-up also includes a map, plotting out geographic coordinates of the past 12 months’ various historical events. The list of the most-searched terms is perhaps most eye-opening, though. It’s here in which we are reminded that the whole Jeremy Lin hullabaloo took place earlier this year and not ages ago, that Honey Boo Boo was the third most-searched television figure we’ve got, and that Whitney Houston (R.I.P.) is deeply missed. (She’s the most-searched term overall.) Also, apparently, nobody could keep their eyes off of the One Direction bros, as no image was more searched than their collective visage.

Bonus easter egg for the “Gangnam” fans, go to the bottom righthand corner of the page and hover your cursor over the rainbow for a sexy surprise.