• 12.11.12

Jingle Balls: Testicular Cancer Awareness Gets Ornamental

Two charitable organizations seeking to raise awareness for testicular cancer hit upon the same wonderful, holiday-themed idea: scrotum-shaped Christmas baubles. This year, the packages are on the tree, instead of under it.

If they’re done well, creative messages about cancer can raise awareness in those who might not have such health issues on the brain. That awareness tends to be fleeting, though, because people forget what they’ve seen after some time. Unless, that is, the message sticks around the house for a while, say, as part of the Christmas tree.


Weirdly, two separate non-profit organizations have landed on the same idea, scrotum-shaped Christmas ornaments, and named them the same thing, “bauballs.” If there’s room for two Steve Jobs movies, though, then this town is big enough for the two of these gems. Working with the U.K. charity Orchid, agency Fallon created a simple, classic upside-down heart-shaped item that gets the point right across. Meanwhile, agency Albion Londoncreated a whole array of ball-bearing tree decorations for the completely separate charity, Everyman. These include the Snowman, the Rudolf, and of course, Santa’s Sack.

Have a look at the whole set in the slide show above.

H/t to It’s Nice That.

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