• 12.11.12

Your Alternative To Cheerful Christmas Albums Is Here–Bargain Bin Blasphemy

The tumblr Bargain Bin Blasphemy is redecorating decades-old album covers in a style worthy of the dark lord himself.

In the 1980s, parents worried that heavy metal was turning their children into devil worshippers. Wait’ll they get a load of Herb Alpert and The Judds.


Bargain Bin Blasphemy may be a one-joke Tumblr, but it’s a very funny joke that justifies its many iterations. The gimmick is this: album covers from musicians of yore, such as Wayne Newton and Anita Bryant, redecorated with black metal flourishes. In most instances, the artist’s faces are given a satanic treatment, an angry growl transposed over their mouths. Inverted crosses, blood, and pentagrams adorn every available corner. Also, many of the names and titles are changed to more fiendishly appropriate fare, including The Judds whose album is reimagined as “Judd, Jury, and Executioner.”

Considering how angry these adjustments would make those impressionable parents of yesteryear, this project is arguably more metal than most metal itself. Have a look through some of the best cover alterations in the slide show above.

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