Lurpak Helps You Time Your Holiday Meal Masterpiece Perfectly

That butter makes meals better is a happy, indisputable fact. Lurpak, the Euro butter brand has managed over the years, to not just make food more delicious (with the addition of its product) but to make them easier, and more fun.

As noted here before, the brand, and its agencies Wieden + Kennedy London and Outside Line, have brought more than the expected amount of creativity to the dairy space, with numerous, eyeball- and saliva-stimulating ads along with an assortment of socially-leaning and useful initiatives like starting a bake club and creating the FoodBeats app that matches menu and music.

The brand continues in that tradition with a new app called the Lurpak Mighty Meal Timer. For holiday chefs who have more than the usual number of metaphorical food balls in the air (and oven), the app allows users to input their chosen dishes, from bird to spud, in order to work out the perfect prep and cooking timetable.

Oh, and perhaps the most important part: Rutger Hauer chiming in at intervals to remind busy chefs of key tasks. Hauer, of course, has been the voice of the brand for some time, at one point even singing an ode to veg in a spot earlier this year.TI