Changing Children’s Health, One Dancing Veggie At A Time

The quality of human life on this planet, in many ways, is a matter of choice. The choice between buying an SUV or a hybrid, the choice between junking something or recycling it. But knowing how to make the right choices can be difficult.

That’s where Super Sprowtz hopes to make an impact. The company teaches kids how to make better choices when it comes to food. And while what Jimmy or Jane eats for breakfast may not decrease greenhouse gases, the hope is that the kids who learn how to make healthy dietary choices may also make better choices when it comes to the planet.

And with 12.5 million obese children ages 2 to 19 in this country, according to the CDC, Super Sprowtz could prove to be an effective model for impacting the health of future generations.

Super Sprowtz gets kids acclimated to healthier eating and activity through narratives and songs performed by 10 animated vegetable puppets that possess super powers that highlight the physical benefit of that particular vegetable.

“It is the hardest thing to launch a brand around health and wellness compared to fairytales and princesses and monsters,” said founder and CEO, Radha Agrawal. “There’s so much emphasis on putting a Band-Aid on the problem and really not always looking at the prevention side.”