No, You Didn’t Walk Into an Animated Musical, Just a Fun Promotion for Red Stripe

One way to ensure that the customers at your corner shop are feelin’ irie, it turns out, is to insert them, unwittingly, into a living musical box that serenades them with everyone’s favorite second-wave ska jam.

In a new promotion for Red Stripe, created by U.K.-based agency KK Outlet, the thirsty clientele at a certain shop in London accidentally triggered a unique orchestra whenever they reached for the Jamaican brew. For one magical day only, an assortment of products, ranging from bottles and cans to bags of chips, transformed into makeshift instruments working together to play The Specials’ “Message to Rudy”. It’s like something out of a cartoon musical, but better, since it really happened.

KK Outlet worked with digital production company Stinkdigital and tech outfit Hirsch&Mann to create the effect, which no doubt left some of the delighted customers wondering if they’d actually ingested another kind of Jamaican delicacy by mistake that day. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below to see how they pulled it off.