Hot Chip’s Latest Joins the Ranks of Best-Ever Video Game-Themed Music Videos

Goals are definitely fulfilled in the FIFA World Cup-inspired video by eccentric electro-poppers Hot Chip, “Don’t Deny Your Heart.”

Once again working with director Peter Serafinowicz, the British comedic writer and performer, Hot Chip’s latest starts with the band lounging in their tour bus, crowding around a soccer video game. This being Hot Chip, of course, it will not be a normal soccer video game.

The first hint that something unusual is going on, aside from the quizzical looks the band members give each other, is when the two team captains suddenly ascend into an inter-dimensional vacuum to have a pose-off. The surrounding team members morph into solid gold dancers, and the announcers keep calling the game without losing a beat.

Interlude over, we return back to the field for more soccer action, and some other action that must be seen to be believed. Let’s just say nobody in this video will be accused of the titular denial of their hearts’ wants.

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