• 11.28.12

Would Lincoln Drive a Lincoln? “Namesake Motors” Pairs Cars With Their Human Counterparts

“Namesake Motors” is a photo-blog that depicts the people certain makes of cars were named after, standing right next to those cars. It is quite amusing.

How fitting that a project so concerned with names has such a simple, straightforward title itself.


Namesake Motors is a collaboration between art director Jimm Lasser and photographer Ray Gordon that brings to life the figures behind the names bestowed upon certain car makes, and then pairs them with the cars themselves. The new Tumblr blog features inspired pair-ups like Alice Cooper driving a Mini Cooper. The only question left now is which historical Jimmy will be depicted when Lasser and Gordon get around to it. (My vote is for either Stewart or Fallon.)

Look through some of the best Namesake Motors images above, and leave your suggestions for who else should get the same treatment in the comments below.

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