These Stunning Photos Show Miraculous Plane Crashes Where No One Died

For those plane passengers who begin to make a mental will and see their lives flash before their eyes the moment their plane hits turbulence, a new book project being funded on Indiegogo provides a bit of relief. The topic? 15 plane crashes where everybody survived.

Oddly enough, these sites where the planes went down were left pretty much untouched. Passengers deplaned, and the plane was forgotten about, creating eerie landscapes that mix mechanical destruction with natural beauty.

Photographer Dietmar Eckell spent more than two years traveling around the world to document these unique sites, and is now self-publishing the photos of “aviation miracles” in a compilation called Happy End.

As he says on his website, “It’s about heroes, the pilots who turned disasters into miracles and saved many lives. it’s about destiny: to survive a crash landing and get found in nowhere. It’s about time: it crashed in seconds and then remained untouched for decades. and it’s about the end, while most get scrapped in junkyards, these found a place to rest in peace.”

Check out the photos above, which Eckell says are inspired by shipwreck paintings of the romantic period. “I look for dramatic skies, late light or fall colors to ‘glorify’ these wonderful planes,” he says.ZS