Snoop Lion Gets Dickensian for Adidas’ Holiday Campaign, Urges You to “Un-Scrooge Yourself”

This year’s holiday season is coming in like a lion. Snoop Lion, that is.

“Happy holidizzle, y’all,” the former Dogg announces from a cozy, fireplace-side nook at the top of Adidas’ new video. As he lounges and exhales smoke from what is surely some sort of tobacco pipe, Snoop Lion (are you used to this name yet?) invites viewers to take in the animated tale of Ebenezer Snoop, before leading us to a Facebook app that determines whether we, in fact, are the real Ebenezers.

“Bah humbizzle,” animated counterpart Ebeneezer Snoop says. As drawn by JJ Sedelmaier, the Christmas Carol redux features many cameos from Adidas’ deep bench of athletes. In addition to those who appear as ghosts, like David Beckham, Stan Smith, and Derrick Rose, other stripe-sponsored folks like Dwight Howard, Steve Aoki, and Andy Murray pop up and leave so quick you might miss them.

Created by agency Sid Lee, the video is just one half of the experience. After Ebenezer Snoop remembers his holiday spirit, the onus is suddenly shifted to the viewer to do the same. “Maybe the Ebeneezer is you,” Snoop Something suggests, and to that end, there’s Facebook’s Are You an Ebenezer? app. It combs through users’ profiles to determine their naughty/niceness quotient, generating a custom video that chides you for not wishing as many of your friends a happy birthday as you might have, and for not responding when people wrote something on your wall. As a balm for this problem, the app offers a chance to “Un-Scrooge Yourself” by sending a custom holiday card to any Facebook friends you may have slighted this year.