• 11.19.12

Watch Impossibly Adorable Puppies Demonstrate The Value Of Play

In a new campaign for Purina, unsuspecting citizens find that–OMG PUPPIES!

A lot is said online about cats these days, and with good reason: Cats are the official mascot of the Internet. Here’s the dirty secret about felines, though. The Internet loves cats because they excel in a passive environment, where it’s fun to watch them fall off of, or jump onto, high places. When it comes to offline reality, however, folks tend to prefer puppies, who are super fun to play with, in addition to being cute. A new campaign from Purina (which also has a soft spot for kittens), proves as much with a series of Beneful ads that show the irresistible draw of playful pups.


The ads are as simple as can be. In “Born to Play,” some very lucky handler takes a pair of pit puppies out for a stroll and instantly brings delight to every person they encounter. At one point the two lightly chew at a cardboard sign that says “Play With Me?” which is perhaps the most superfluous sign of all time. The message: “Play: It’s good for you.” The campaign, from Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide, admittedly seems more like an ad for adorable dogs (and the human health benefits they can inspire) than for the play-fuel that sustains them–but since puppies and dog food are kind of a package deal, it works.

Watch the spots above.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. His next book, Away with Words, is available June 13th from Harper Perennial.