• 11.13.12

AT&T Has a Gob for You: Be Will Arnett’s Personal Assistant

The new Nokia Lumia 920 is like a personal assistant; specifically, Will Arnett’s personal assistant. But you might also be qualified for that job.

Will Arnett was born to play an arrogant prick. Those eyebrows! That voice! Just look at his character in, well, pretty much every TV show and movie he’s ever been in, aside from current gig, NBC’s Up All Night. Fortunately for him, Arnett’s saving grace is that he makes smugness so hilarious that fans would follow him anywhere. Or at least AT&T is hoping as much by having the actor play a horrible boss in a new ad campaign, and offering fans a chance to be his assistant for a day.


In an integrated campaign for its Nokia Lumia 920, AT&T has cast Arnett as a very demanding version of himselfm and the new Windows 8-based Nokia as his highly capable assistant. Created by BBDO Atlanta, the initial ad, which you can watch above, shows off the phone’s “live tiles” feature, which displays app-updates in real time. The ad also introduces Todd, Arnett’s extremely harried assistant who is about to be replaced with a phone. By heading over to the dedicated website, however, viewers can apply, via their phones, for the job.

The site allows users to put together their own Lumia 920, which gives them a chance to see what the live tiles feature looks like and, more importantly, generates a bespoke response from Arnett, who interviews your hypothetical phone to be his new assistant. The customized video lets Arnett riff on what apps you imported to your phone and what color you chose, all in the smarmy tone he’s been perfecting since he played Gob Bluth on Arrested Development. Users can also vote on which video is the best, the winner having the honor of becoming Arnett’s assistant for a day. For anyone trying to break in to show business, or looking to become buddies with Will Arnett: there are worse ways to start.

Watch a short promo for the campaign below.

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