• 11.12.12

A Dream Team Of Animators Creates The Ultimate Coloring Book

After volunteering at orphanages in Ghana, DreamWorks animators Rachel Tiep-Daniels and Margaret Wuller created the “Picture Book Project,” which harnesses the work of talented artists to both inspire children, and raise money for them.

The Picture Book Project Foundation is an effort to bring some vivid visual inspiration to kids who could really use it. Created by DreamWorks animation artists Rachel Tiep-Daniels and Margaret Wuller, and Pixar producer Karen Dufilho-Rosen, the project gathers illustrations by 66 talented artists to form the ultimate coloring book.


Tiep-Daniels and Wuller decided to put their resources within the animation community into action after volunteering at an orphanage in Ghana, where they saw firsthand how the kids responded to having drawings created for them. Even in locations so far away from the typical pop culture exposure, kids were still requesting characters from popular Disney movies.

The Picture Book Project Foundation features top-quality original artwork in both splashy full-color, and in a blank template for budding young artists to work off of. Profits from the book’s sales will go directly to orphanages in Ghana, West Africa; Tijuana; and Cambodia.

Have a look through more of the images in the slide show above.

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