Will Tonight Be A Pizza Night? Little Caesars Says Look To The Stars

In its recent ad efforts, Little Caesars has sought to emphasize the hot and ready aspect of its pizza offering–reminding consumers that they can just visit the chain’s stores and pick up a pie without all that onerous ordering and waiting.

There are many ways to make this point. The brand’s agency Barton F. Graf 9000 has, in past efforts, actively discouraged people from calling the Little Caesars order line, for example.

The shop’s latest campaign promoting hotness and readiness features an eye- and ear-catching pair of commercials directed by Harold Einstein. In one, a father and son look to the heavens for a insight on the matter of pizza for dinner and receive an answer from a dopey moon.

The other spot features a half-mime. See them both above, along with a previous spot from the campaign.