• 11.08.12

How Networked Insights Makes Sense Of Internet Chatter To Help Big Brands Create Better Ads

Discussions around brands are happening everywhere, all the time. Networked Insights gives marketers a way to measure the noise.

How Networked Insights Makes Sense Of Internet Chatter To Help Big Brands Create Better Ads

It used to be that brands and agencies would create ad campaigns, push them live, and use the resulting consumer reaction to help inform the next campaign. But with the rise of real-time data, marketers can now keep tabs on real-time consumer reaction and use that knowledge to make smarter decisions around all facets of creating, distributing and measuring brand campaigns.


Networked Insights is one such company that helps clients, including Samsung, Revlon, and P&G, make sense of real-time social chatter happening around their brands to inform their marketing decisions. Starting today Networked Insights is opening up its SocialSense analytics engine to a new trial group of 20 marketers who can now also use the data platform for a baseline $100,000 a year, with the goal of opening it up more broadly in 2013.

SocialSense parses real-time social data to help marketers keep one finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment around the web discussion about brands. The platform lets users see where the bulk of conversations are happening, like on Twitter or Reddit; track positive and negative sentiments; see tag clouds that show key words associated with a brand; and hone in on insights coming from a particular audience group. SocialSense currently offers 75 different audience segments–such as millennial moms or sports enthusiasts–as well as the affinities of those audiences. So if you wanted to market your brand to millennial moms, you’d be able to make a more informed decision on how to do so based on the TV shows, celebrities, and other brands those moms love.

SocialSense also allows marketers to see how effective ads are after they push them live to consumers by measuring not only how many impressions they’re getting, but also what people are saying about them and what effect they’ve having on competitors’ brands.

“We’re sitting at the strategy table with the clients to determine what the oportunity is, then that insight rolls into the next layer of tactics so we can say ‘Hey, here’s what should definitely include in the spot,” says Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely. “And that’s all driven by insight from the target audience.”

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