Sleep No More: The Most Depressing Children’s Bedtime Stories Ever (For A Good Cause)

The great thing about bedtime stories is that they almost always have happy endings. Any unpleasantness is temporary and ultimately in the service of teaching sleepy young readers a lesson. Often in real life, however, the various woodland creatures who frequently populate bedtime stories tend to meet with violent ends, many of which are utterly preventable. Greenpeace has something to say about the fate of these furry friends, and the trees they call home.

A new campaign created by Bratislava-based agency JANDL is encouraging us all to take a stand against deforestation with a line of print ads that stick it to storybooks. Each ad takes the form of a children’s story that takes place in the woods; only instead of a moral, these tales end rather bleakly. (Let’s just say that these animal heroes will not be going on other adventures anytime soon.)

Have a look through some of the ads in the slide show above.