President Obama Has A Victory Message For America, Courtesy Of “Key & Peele”

Some critics have argued that President Barack Obama has been more reserved and dispassionate than they would care to see in a leader of the free world. Perhaps all he’s needed, however, is for someone to get impassioned on his behalf.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, better known as Key & Peele, have been making sketches for their Comedy Central show all year long that portray what the president’s addresses to the country might be like if he had a so-called anger translator. In an extremely timely dispatch–Comedy Central released the sketch just after midnight on Election Day–the newly elected President Obama offers some real talk via his mouthpiece, Luther.

In the brief clip, Luther alternately celebrates the president’s victory (“White people who voted for me: you are all now honorary black people!”) and throws shade at his opponent (“Take that shit back to the lab, Mitt!”). No response is expected from the Romney camp at this time.

Watch a previous Key & Peele sketch featuring Luther below.