• 11.08.12

Take Your Remixing Skills Public With Nokia’s Open Song Project

Danish electro-rockers Spleen United lay out the building blocks for their new song, giving you the opportunity to put it together any way you’d like.

Take Your Remixing Skills Public With Nokia’s Open Song Project

Interactive music videos are getting more and more popular and sophisticated. Most of the time, though, the interactivity is bound up more in the “video” part of the project, rather than the music (a notable exception being Old Spice’s “Muscle Music” ad, of all things.) Enter Nokia’s Open Song Project.


The new venture, created by Naked Communications Copenhagen, explores the furthermost boundaries of what a music video, and a song, can offer. Danish dance-rock outfit, Spleen United recorded a new song called “Hibernation,” which is yet to be released, and split it up into 16 sound parts. For the Open Song Project’s video element, the band also filmed 16 representative visuals for those parts with Nokia’s Lumia 920. Finally, the band made each part available on the project’s web page as sort of a cyber-soundboard. Big, puffy producer’s headphones are not included.

Users have the chance to create their own versions of “Hibernation,” having never heard the original, by playing the different elements of the song in various permutations–or perhaps all at once, if you’re not into cohesion. (Warning: it’s slightly more impressive if you aren’t already an active user of GarageBand.) Much like Old Spice’s “Muscle Music,” you can record a version of the song after you decide when to layer the kickdrum over the ukelele, etc. Check out others’ efforts first, if you’d like, and then submit your own reworking for consideration from other musical connoisseurs. Whichever amateur DJ sends in the best version of “Hibernation,” as chosen by Spleen United, will receive Lumia 920, JBL PowerUp speaker, and perhaps an illustrious career as a song doctor.

The brief was to launch the new Nokia Lumia 920 and the quality of its Pureview camera. “We decided to do this through an engaging experience within a rich cultural territory,” says Naked ECD Casper Willer.

The agency was acquainted with one of the band members, through Danish company AIAIAI and Willer says this project was in line with the band’s ambition to create a new kind of relationship with their fans. “Spleen United hadn’t done anything open source like this before, but was interested in experimenting with a more collaborative approach to their music,” says Willer.

Watch a making-of video for the project below.

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