Relive The 2012 Election In Minutes Via The Guardian’s “America: Elect!” Graphic Novel

Still fuzzy on your election-season details? The Guardian has put together “America: Elect!,” a handy graphic novel compendium of the election’s most memeworthy milestones.

The tale begins back in 2008, when Mitt Romney endorsed then-Republican candidate John McCain after dropping out of the Republican nomination race. The novel continues on to revisit major moments during President Obama’s tenure, such as the death of Osama Bin Laden and the bailout of General Motors, as well as the infamous video of Romney telling a group of guests at a private fundraiser, “My job is not to worry about those people,” referring to the 47% of Americans who back Obama.

Interspersed throughout are plenty of illustrations that pay homage to memes such as Texts From Hillary and Paul Ryan’s athletics-inspired photo shoot for Time.

Gabriel Dance, The Guardian‘s U.S. interactive director, tells Co.Create he and illustrator Greg Chen had wanted to do a comic book treatment for some time, but were waiting for the right opportunity. When the deputy editor suggested they do a story on the election, Dance, Chen, and a few others went from storyboarding to final production in two weeks.

“It was very important that we stick to the graphic novel comic book style, so we made use of panels and other comic book customs,” Dance says.

You can see the final chapter after tonight’s results.