Infographic: How The Brand Creativity Process Is Like a Human Centipede

Obviously, the fictional counterpart most advertising creatives aspire to is Don Draper–the personally troubled, professionally brilliant Mad Men martini-swiller who hits a home run every time out. Unfortunately, though, on some days the reality of the job requires acting like a character from an altogether different work of pop culture: The Human Centipede.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Human Centipede, congratulations–there’s still hope for you. Do not watch this trailer. Click the ‘X’ on this tab in your browser and continue about your day. Everyone else already familiar with the tale of the demented doctor who connects his victims’ digestive tracts by lining them up on their knees, ass-to-mouth, well, you can see why the advertising comparison is none-too-flattering.

A new infographic shows in great detail how the workflow at an agency trickles down the chain of command, like so much foodstuffs through interconnected stomachs in an experiment by the singularly gross film’s Dr. Heiter. Ideas from the Director of Innovations are passed down to the Chief Visionary Officer, eventually making their way down to the Director of Buzzwords, who, um, passes them on one final time in the form of a “promoted tweet.” Talk about throughput!

Have a look through all the barely farfetched-sounding titles of the advertising human centipede in the slide show above.JB