• 10.31.12

Practical Cooking In The Modern Age: Recipe Videos On Tumblr

Electrolux’s instructive recipe videos on Tumblr give you another reason to ditch traditional cookbooks.

Practical Cooking In The Modern Age: Recipe Videos On Tumblr

Julie & Julia came out in theaters about three summers ago. The Meryl Streep-starring film was based a blog which documented a woman’s efforts to cook a new recipe out of Julia Child’s The Joy of Cooking each day for a year. It was also perhaps the last moment in history when more people were depending on traditional cookbooks for help in the kitchen. More often than not these days, folks seem to prefer parking their butter-smeared MacBooks on the counter and harvesting Food Network recipes online.


In order to help these would-be chefs in their time of need, appliance-manufacturer Electrolux is promoting a new online destination called Now You’re Cooking.

Created by Stockholm-based agency House of Radon the food-focused site features scintillating interactive recipes that viewers can cook along with, presented in a clean, minimalist interface on Tumblr. An image of each finished foodstuffs sits atop a wooden cutting table, its title layered over it in a font recalling old-style French bistros. Clicking on each image serves up a list of ingredients and directions, along with a video showing how the dish is prepared.

Better yet, the videos even have a “cooking mode,” which self-pauses after each step so viewers can keep pace with their digital instructor.

“We really wanted to portray how people actually cook,” says Albin Holmqvist, art director at House of Radon. “Who has a white and sterile industrial kitchen at home? The authentic look and feel was something that really inspired us, we wanted it to look handcrafted in every detail, from the films to the Tumblr site. We even made a hand-rendered version of House Industries typeface Neutra to reinforce this concept.”

Tumblr also affords easier sharing to friends–some of which will almost certainly happen via Pinterest–turning the “you” in Now You’re Cooking into a “we.”

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