• 10.31.12

See The World’s Most Famous Men As The World’s Most Beautiful Women

Will Smith and Barack Obama are among the male superstars who get a gender-blending makeover, courtesy of Photoshop.

It’s insane that Nicolas Cage has never played a man in drag, considering the wide range of weird hairstyles and weirder personalities he’s taken on over the years. Perhaps one day he’ll tackle the cross-dressing character he was born to play. Until then, though, we’ll have this photo of him (and many other stars) doctored up to look like his drag doppelgänger.


A while back, Worth1000 solicited works of gender-switching Photoshop whereby some of the biggest male superstars around were digitally tweaked to resemble ladies. Among the surprises, Richard Gere makes for a particularly handsome, almost regal female presence, and Jack Black knows how to rock an off-the-shoulder dress. Judge for yourself who makes for the prettiest lady of all in the slideshow above.

Hat tip It’s Nice That.

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