See Every James Bond Movie Poster Reimagined

If you were to line up the poster for every James Bond movie ever, you would notice that pretty much all of them look like very sleek, very stylish advertisements for handguns and well-tailored suits. Sometimes a lady is involved. For the most part, though, artillery and menswear are the bread and butter of the series’ print ad game. However, agency Herring & Haggis is giving us a glimpse at what it might look like if the movies’ marketers went in a different direction.

In the lead-up to November’s Skyfall, the 23rd film in the martini-chugging, bad guy-dispatching spy series, the team at agency Herring & Haggis decided to celebrate 50 years of Bond with an experiment. They set out to re-watch each existing movie in the 22 days before the new one premieres, and design a new poster each day. (The poster commemorating Skyfall itself will be revealed the day after.)

The posters the agency has released thus far have been bold experiments in minimalism, completely bucking tradition. Goldfinger, for instance, features a solid gold background and a gold-plated font title, with memorable henchman Odd Job’s head peaking out from below. Neither a suit nor a firearm in sight!

Your mission: look through all the posters in the slide show above.JB