They’re Here!: The 14 Creepiest, Funniest, Best Halloween Ads Ever

Most commercials either go for the funny bone or go for the heart. Every now and then, though, some of them go for the jugular.

These ads always emerge right around Halloween–as though re-animated by some Madison Avenue Dr. Frankenstein. While most seasonal advertising can be as cloying as a bag full of fun-size candy bars, the best ads test the limits of how unsettling you can get while still selling something.

It’s a tricky tone to nail down. You have to include horror movie flourishes, at least show the product, often in a less traditional light, and then, in some cases, finish with some kind of humor to defuse the tension created. That’s a tall order. Year after year, though, there are many valiant attempts, and a cloven hoof-full of winners.

Have a look through the slide show above to see our picks for the best Halloween ads ever.