“Paranormal Activity” Demon Now Doing Extracurricular Haunting

It’s all fun and games until a demon starts messing with your kitchen cabinets.

The Paranormal Activity franchise has become the new standard-bearer of found footage horror movies, and with a new stealth campaign launched to coincide with Paranormal Activity 4, the creators appear to be gunning for that title in the viral marketing realm as well. The highly sophisticated efforts for the new film move beyond the typical online video or two, opting instead for a full-scale social media assault centered around a new character, single dad Jacob Degloshi.

Fans can follow the story of Mr. Degloshi as it unfolds in real time on his Twitter feed and Facebook page, but the real meat here is on his YouTube account. The videos available on the site nail the franchise’s trademark home video dialogue and editing, and also its penchant for characters filming things when they should be running, running, running so far away.

As the story goes, Degloshi has recently moved into a new house and he’d just begun installing security cameras when things started going bump in the night, and also broad daylight. Fans of the PA movies will recognize the house he’s moved into as the one seen in the series’ third entry, which came out last year. Degloshi’s daughter Sarah has a slight tangential connection to the series too, as does the bird she finds near the house, who keeps saying the name, “Toby,” which should also be familiar to fans.

In addition to the surveillance videos, there are also some unsettling VHS tapes from 1988 that start popping up in the house apparently, and Degloshi has conveniently made those available on his YouTube page as well. Have a look at some of his videos, and those of the previous residents, in the video slide show above.