• 10.25.12

Twitter And An Old-School Typewriter Beat Up On An iPhone

Consumers test the durability of a Cellairis screen protector through Tweet Punisher, a live product demonstration relying on real-world ingenuity and the public’s participation through social media.

Twitter And An Old-School Typewriter Beat Up On An iPhone

In a stunt dubbed Tweet Punisher, an iPhone outfitted with a Cellairis Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector is currently taking a lot of abuse from Twitter–as in literal abuse. A typewriter being controlled by the Twitterverse is delivering the beating in a live product demonstration designed to prove the strength and durability of the product.


Here’s how it works: A vintage Underwood typewriter from the 1940s has been rigged so that it can type out any tweet with the hashtag “#tweetpunisher.” But it isn’t typing on paper like you might expect. Rather, an iPhone clad in the Cellairis screen protector is sitting in the typewriter’s type guide, right where the metal keys strike. So every tweet received results in a flurry of whacks to the screen protector.

Those interested can see the screen protector endure the punishment via a live feed on the Cellairis Facebook page.

“It took a couple months of pretty rigorous code-writing, building, testing, re-building, and re-testing to get everything just right,” says Cellairis chief marketing officer Joe Ciardullo. “When we were able to send that first tweet to and watch those typewriter keys start hammering away, we really knew we had something special.”

For Cellairis, which makes cases and accessories for mobile devices and tablets, it was natural to develop a stunt that would both demonstrate its product while also engaging the company’s active social media fan base. According to Ciardullo, the company has a history of developing products and services with the input of customer feedback gathered through social media, and Tweet Punisher simply takes that approach a step further by giving people a chance to actually test the Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector for themselves.

Tweet Punisher went into action this past Tuesday after pop superstar Justin Bieber, who has nearly 30 million Twitter followers, sent out the first tweet to spur interest, encouraging his fans to help break the iPhone screen protector.

More than 10,000 tweets were received that first day, and they’ve been rolling in since, reports Ciardullo. “If you search the hashtag #tweetpunisher on Twitter, you can see people are pretty determined to try and break that screen, which is awesome to see,” he says.


As strong as it is, the Cellairis screen protector will eventually crack under the constant hammering, and the person whose tweet finally shatters the screen will win $100. In the meantime, every 100th tweeter will be rewarded with a free Shell Shock: G Series case.

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