• 10.25.12

Movember Tips From Mustache Master Nick Offerman

Your mustache will not be as awesome as Nick Offerman’s, but you can try.

Movember is upon us–or as Portland likes to call it, “Our time to shine”–and here with a mustache tutorial is Nick Offerman.


For the uninitiated, Movember is a movement wherein men are encouraged to grow out their mustaches in solidarity, to raise awareness of men’s issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and cold philtrums. There is perhaps nobody more qualified to galvanize public mustache-envy and turn it into action than Parks & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman. As the actor revealed in an interview with Co.Create last month, he only has the mustache when he’s in character as Ron Swanson, but what a ‘stache it is.

In the video, which was created for men’s entertainment website Made Man, Offerman goes into extensive, perhaps slightly exaggerated detail as to how he came to possess such a fine nose-carpet. Scottish sheep herders, Tibetan monks, and a combination of cologne and whale oil were supposedly involved in cultivating the Offerstache. In addition to describing his path to facial fuzz glory, though, the actor also offers some appropriately weird tips on how we can follow in his lip-steps. Although, clearly the mustaches of mere mortals won’t be as magnificent as his, the whole point is that it just might do some good to grow one anyway.

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