One Small Sip For Mankind: Watch a Cocktail Get Mixed in Zero Gravity

When people drink just enough vodka, it makes them feel light as a feather. Much rarer, though, does the vodka feel that way too.

In order to show off just how original a cocktail could be made with its wares, Stoli sent a mixologist out to the edge of space (the place to be for beverage brands these days) in a specially modified Boeing 727 to make the world’s first zero gravity beverage. The stunt, created by digital agency Rokkan, was captured on film, allowing us to observe a suited-up spirits-slinger floating in a chamber, barely controlling the vodka’s trajectory.

The drink, which the brand is calling The Stoli Moonwalk, is part of the larger project, which allows users to submit footage of their art, music, and fashion projects, for the chance to collaborate with artists like RJD2 and Nina Sky. Watch a short video introducing below.